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    VPN in Touch is a personal VPN service ideal for iOS, Android and Windows users.

    If you are looking for a VPN that offers instant data encryption, great connection speeds and user-friendly applications, you should definitely take a look at VPN in Touch. This brilliant, modern service works by hiding your real IP address and browsing activity, so your internet service provider or anyone else for that matter has no way of monitoring your online activity.

    VPN in Touch also lets you gain instant access to your favourite sites and web services which are blocked in your country, office or university. By switching your IP address to another location, you can regain full online freedom with the help of VPN. This freedom of access allows you to visit geo-restricted sites such as Netflix US, Fox on Demand, Fox Soccer (by connecting to a US servers). Other streaming services include BBC iPlayer or Sky Go, which are easily viewable from anywhere in the world just by connecting to a UK server.

    VPN In Touch provide just the kind of protection that mobile devices need to facilitate secured connectivity to the internet. Let’s find out if VPN In Touch can indeed provide reliable VPN services for mobile and also for desktop use.

    • Unblock Websites
      Bypass internet restriction and access to any websites: Unblock Facebook, Unblock Youtube
    • Secure Your Data
      Encrypt your private data before sending it from your computer, smartphone or tablet over the internet.
    • Bypass content restrictions
      Watch Netflix and BBC iPlayer, no matter where you are. Use Skype, Viber and all Voip services without restrictions.
    • Protect Your Privacy
      Hide your IP address, protect your online identity while browsing and surf the web anonymously.
    • Wifi Hotspot Security
      Prevent sniffers and hackers from stealing your private data while using public hotspots.
    • Data Saving and Ad Blocker on Mobile
      Save more bandwidth on your mobile 3G/4G data plan. Clear your mobile screen of obtrusive ads with Ad Blocking mode.



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