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    CBS All Access is an over-the-top subscription streaming video on demand service owned and operated by CBS. It offers original content, content newly aired on CBS's broadcast properties, and content from CBS's vast library, along with live streams of the local CBS affiliate's main channel, where available. As of February 2017, the service has nearly 1.5 million subscribers.


    On October 28, 2014, CBS launched CBS All Access, an over-the-top subscription streaming service – priced at $5.99 per month ($9.99 with an option for advertising-free streaming content) – which allows users to view past and present episodes of CBS shows. Announced on October 16, 2014, (one day after HBO announced the launch of its over-the-top service HBO Now) as the first OTT offering by an American broadcast television network, the service initially encompassed the network's existing streaming portal at and its mobile app for smartphones and tablet computers; CBS All Access became available on Roku on April 7, 2015, and on Chromecast on May 14, 2015. In addition to providing full-length episodes of CBS programs, the service allows live programming streams of local CBS affiliates in 124 markets reaching 75% of the United States (including stations owned by Tribune Broadcasting, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Hearst Television, Tegna Media, Nexstar Media Group, Meredith Corporation, Griffin Communications, Raycom Media, Weigel Broadcasting and Cox Media Group and the launch group of CBS Television Stations), including SEC sports and the NFL; however due to the absence of streaming rights, a few sports events are not streamed on the service (mainly involving PGA Tour events, some locally-programmed NFL preseason games, and select brokered shows through CBS Sports Spectacular), along with limited syndicated and paid programming where only a local broadcast license to carry the program is allowed and web airing rights are retained by the syndicator or infomercial producer. By the very nature of it being live, streaming of a local affiliate does include all advertising, even with the commercial-free plan.



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    [​IMG] Please don't change password and don't share to anyone, anywhere, anytime..

    If you change password, the owner will reset the account and account never come back FOREVER.. [​IMG]

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